Driver and Passenger Assistant Application Form – Private and Confidential

Employment History: (start with most recent post first)

Education and Training (start with the most recent course of qualification)

According to the position you are applying for, please answer the following questions:

1st option are asked to work 3 times a year for weekend jobs. It will depends on contracted work and new bookings. Weekend work is paid at a higher rate.

2nd option is for Drivers AND Vehicle Passengers Assistants who want to work only during school times (Mornings 7:30-9:30, Afternoons 14:15-16:15 approx. Mon- Fri. and you will not work during schools holidays/half term holidays).

3rd option is for drivers and Passengers Assistants to work on a flexible basis providing cover for our staff when they are on holiday, training or due to sickness.

Well done! you are almost done!!!

If you hold a CV and you would like to send it to us to support your application, please send it by email to

Disclosure Fees and Training Costs Agreement and Declaration. Please tick the boxes to agree with the following information.