Easylink Shopping Service

Brighton & Hove Community Transport

Our Easylink Shopping Service serves Brighton and Hove from Portslade to Saltdean, taking passengers to their nearest supermarket.

Easylink is a door to door transport service for people that find it difficult or impossible to use the normal bus service, including wheelchair users.

Most Easylink services are run by Community Transport in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council.

Some feedback from our valued customers about our Easylink service:

“I have had the ability to visit a supermarket once a week – a great help and the drivers are very good. I would not go out at all without the bus.”

“I think the services you provide are wonderful and the drivers are so helpful and friendly. Thank you all in the office as well.”

“I’d like to thank all the drivers for their assistance in helping us with the shopping. Also when I collapsed in ASDA last week I had to go A&E – they made sure I was okay and phoned contacts etc. Much appreciated.”

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How Easylink works

The buses run Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. The price for a return journey is £6 if you pay in advance (Block booking required, e.g 4 trips for the month) , otherwise you can pay the same day to the driver £8.  Our Easylink buses serve all parts of Brighton and Hove from Portslade to West Saltdean.

  1. The driver will collect you from your front door or as near to it as possible, you will not need to wait at a bus stop.
  2. We will take you to a pre-arranged local supermarket or shopping centre.
  3. You will have about an hour and a half to complete your shopping.
  4. The driver will meet you at the arranged time outside the supermarket or shopping centre and carry your shopping back to your front door.
  • How to register
    1. Contact us by phone on 01273 677559 or email (hello@bhct.co.uk)
    2. Provide your details: Full name, address, contact number and disability information if any.
    3. Registration is free of charge for Easylink Customers; you will only need to pay for the trips you book.
    4. Once you are registered you can book your trip.
  • Ways to book and pay in advance
      1. Online, by credit or debit card:Book Now
      2. Over the phone, by credit or debit card: 01273 677559
      3. By direct debit: each payment will be taken automatically on the day of travel (an email address is required)
      4. By cheque to your driver before the date of the trip(s).
      5. By post. Please include your details (name and phone number) and the trip dates you would like to book and make cheques payable to “Community Transport”.
  • When and Where we travel and from where

To find out more about where our buses go from your area and on what days, you can telephone us on 01273 677559 and we will be happy to talk through the options with you.


Brighton Areas Map

The buses travel in the morning, picking people up between 10am and 11am depending where you are on the route. You need to be ready and wait for the driver to phone you 5 or 10 minutes before arrival so you have time to prepare for departure.

You can also download our leaflet with timetable included: Download Lealfets

  • Fares 
  1. Return trip paid in advance by card, cheque, or automatically by direct debit: £6
  2. Return trip paid in cash or by cheque to the driver on the day: £8
  3. Carer with a Carer’s card: half price


All of our minibuses have a passenger lift or low level floor, so they are ideal for people who cannot manage steps or who travel in a wheelchair. Every driver has been trained to help passengers on and off the bus and to make sure the journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible. There is room on the bus to take a zimmer frame, walker or shopping trolley with you.

  • Carers and essential companions

A carer or an essential companion can help and assist you coming with you on the bus. He/she will pay a discounted fare.

  • Wheelchairs

All Easylink minibuses are wheelchair accessible. They will have a ramp or lift to access the bus, and we safely secure you and your wheelchair into the bus.

You can book online by clicking the link above or telephone the office on 01273 677559 and we will book you in over the phone. Alternatively complete the contact form below and we will contact you.

These are the different Easy Link Services we have. You will be able to book only for the services for the area/neighborhood you live in.

Access to the bus with a wheelchair


Mondays 1: Bevendean to Holmbush (Mondays)
1: Coldean to Holmbush (Mondays)
1: Hollingbury to Holmbush (Mondays)
1: Patcham to Holmbush (Mondays)
1: Preston to Holmbush (Mondays)
1: West Blatchington​ to Holmbush (Mondays)
1: Westdene to Holmbush (Mondays)
1: Withdean to Holmbush (Mondays)
2: Hangleton to Holmbush (Mondays)
2: Hove to Holmbush (Mondays)
2: Mile Oak​ to Holmbush (Mondays)
2: Portslade to Holmbush (Mondays)
3: Ovingdean to Sainsbury’s Newhaven (Mondays)
3: Rottingdean to Sainsbury’s Newhaven (Mondays)
3: Saltdean​ to Sainsbury’s Newhaven (Mondays)
3: Woodingdean to Sainsbury’s Newhaven (Mondays)
Tuesdays 4A: City Centre to Sainsbury’s West Hove (Tuesdays)
4A: Hove to Sainsbury’s West Hove (Tuesdays)
4B: Hangleton​ to Sainsbury’s west Hove (Tuesdays)
4B: Mile Oak to Sainsbury’s west Hove (Tuesdays)
4B: Portslade to Sainsbury’s west Hove (Tuesdays)
5: Bevendean to ASDA Hollingbury (Tuesdays)
5: Coldean to ASDA Hollingbury (Tuesdays)
5: Hollingbury​ to ASDA Hollingbury (Tuesdays)
5: Hollingdean to ASDA Hollingbury (Tuesdays)
5: Moulscoomb to ASDA Hollingbury (Tuesdays)
5: Patcham to ASDA Hollingbury (Tuesdays)
Wednesdays 6A: City Centre to ASDA Marina (Wednesdays)
6A: Hanover, Queens Park & Elm Grove to ASDA Marina (Wednesdays)
6A: Kemptown to ASDA Marina (Wednesdays)
6A: Whitehawk, Bristol Estate & Roedean​ to ASDA Marina (Wednesdays)
6B: Saltdean to ASDA Marina (Wednesdays)
Thursdays 7A: City Centre to ASDA Marina (Thursdays)
7A: Hanover, Queens Park & Elm Grove to ASDA Marina (Thursdays)
7A: Kemptown to ASDA Marina (Thursdays)
7A: Whitehawk, Bristol Estate & Roedean to ASDA Marina (Thursdays)
7B: Ovingdean to ASDA Marina (Thursdays)
7B: Rottingdean to ASDA Marina (Thursdays)
7B: Woodingdean to ASDA Marina (Thursdays)
Fridays 8A: Hangleton to Sainsbury’s West Hove (Fridays)
8A: West Hove​ to Sainsbury’s West Hove (Fridays)
8B: Mile Oak​ to Sainsburys West Hove (Fridays)
8B: Portslade to Sainsburys West Hove (Fridays)
9A: Patcham to Sainsburys West Hove (Fridays)
9A: Westdene to Sainsburys West Hove (Fridays)
9A: Withdean​ to Sainsburys West Hove (Fridays)
9B: City Centre to Sainsbury’s West Hove (Fridays)
9B: East Hove to Sainsbury’s West Hove (Fridays)
10: Bevendean to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
10: Coldean to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
10: Hollingdean to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
10: Moulsecoomb to Asda Hollingbury (Friday)
10: Preston to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
11: City Centre to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
11: Hollingbury​ to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
11: Patcham to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
11: Westdene to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
11: Withdean to Asda Hollingbury (Fridays)
12A: Albion Hill to Sainsbury’s City Centre (Fridays)
12A: Bevendean to Sainsbury’s City Centre (Fridays)
12A: Saunders Park to Sainsbury’s City Centre (Fridays)
12B: Hanover, Queens Park & Elm Grove to ASDA Marina (Fridays)
12B: Kemptown to ASDA Marina (Fridays)
12B: Whitehawk​, Bristol Estate & Roedean to ASDA Marina (Fridays)
12C: Ovingdean to ASDA Marina (Fridays)
12C: Rottingdean to ASDA Marina (Fridays)
12C: Woodingdean to ASDA Marina (Fridays)

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