Minibus Hire for Groups



Steps a Group need to follow to Book a minibus

  1. Became a member of Community Transport, Brighton and Hove Area by filling the Membership Application Form
  2. Complete our online Booking Request Form to get a quote and/or check availability. 
  3. If you are using your own driver, book a Midas Training with us. 


Who can join? – Group Membership 

Our minibuses can only be used by our members for their own purposes. They cannot be used for profit-making activity.  

The range of groups who can be members is super-varied – charities and community organisations of all shapes and sizes, sports clubs and teams, faith groups – and churches, mosques and temples of all denominations, groups for interests and hobbies, clubs and societies, schools, colleges and universities (and departments, teams and clubs within those), campaign groups, and volunteering groups. -This isn’t an exhaustive list –

How much does it cost?

Our minibuses are available at cost price to our members. A charge is made for the amount of time a bus is booked for, the mileage covered, and a driver charge if a driver is required.

Our garage is located at Protran House, Boundary Road, Brighton BN2 5TJ. The time and mileage will be calculated starting from this point and finishing at this point and an extra 15 minutes will be added (for vehicle checks and change of seating requirements).

The minimum time a minibus can be booked is for 1 hour and 30 minimum. There is no maximum time, but it will depend on availability. 

We have reduced charges and discounts for:

1) Bookings that occur between 10 am and 2 pm (weekdays) – 3 hours or over 
2) Bookings that occur during the school holidays and term periods (weekdays)
3) Regular bookings over the year

Using your own driver? – MIDAS Certificate and D1 certificate  

All drivers must have a current MiDAS qualification in order to drive our minibuses. For more information visit our MIDAS training site. 

You can hire a bus and one of our expert drivers, or simply hire the vehicle. In this case, your driver will have to hold a D1 driving licence and a MiDAS certificate.

Our fleet – Vehicles and Accessibility 

Community Transport (Brighton, Hove & Area) Ltd has a fleet of 18 minibuses, most of them are wheelchair accessible and can seat up to 16 people.They are ideal for people who cannot manage steps or who travel in a wheelchair. They have removable seats to allow for the transportation of wheelchair users.

A wheelchair will take the space of 2 seats or more. For bookings requiring many wheelchair users, these are some options with maximum capacity:

* 4 wheelchairs and 6 seated passengers, will leave not much extra space for storing (E.g. folded W/C’s & walking frames)
* 3 wheelchairs and 8 seated passengers, it will leave some space for storing ( E.g. folded W/C’s & walking frames)

Our drivers 

Every driver has been trained to help passengers on or off the bus, and to make sure the journey is smooth and comfortable.

Terms and Conditions for Minibus Hire

All minibus hires are subject to our Terms and Conditions.