How to book a MIDAS Training

These are the steps to follow in order to book a Midas Training date with us:

  1. Read the information about Midas Training.
  2. Register and Book a date at our Reservation Site. You will find Wednesdays and Thursdays available. However, the date you choose at the reservation site needs to accepted/ confirmed by us beforehand or after the booking has been placed. See how to use our reservation site bellow.
  3. Candidates need to complete the Midas Application Form.
  4. Once you place the booking on our reservation site, you will automatically receive an email with the booking invoice. The payment is needed before the training date. How to pay: You will find a ‘pay now’ button at the bottom of the electronic invoice. You will be able to make a one off online payment using this option. Otherwise you can choose between one of the following ways:
    • By cash at our office’s counter
    • By cheque to be sent at our postal address
    • By bank transfer (contact us for bank details)
Brighton & Hove Community Transport Team

Once you register and log in to our RESERVATION SITE you will find the following:

  • Select MIDAS TRAINING (top part, between Membership fee and Minibus Hire)
  • Select your desirable DATE on the calendar (only Wednesdays and Thursdays are available and it will need confirmation before or after hand). Contact us by email to make sure the date you select is available or we will contact you after we receive your booking.
  • Select the type of MIDAS TRAINING you would like to book.
  • If you would like to book an Accessible Course you will find that the time slot is already given and you will be able to select the number of candidates to attend the course ( maximum of 4 candidates). A discount will be added if there is more than one candidate.
  • Complete the rest of the requested information: